MAKAVELIC × ICM Collab Backpack

ファッション・ストリート・スポーツのクロスオーバーから生まれる上質で機能的なプロダクトで全世界から注目を集める「MAKAVELIC」と「INSPIRATION CULT MAGAZINE」がコラボレーションして、タフなバックパックをドロップ。お互いの想うカルチャーへの還元がオリジナルカメラバッグという形をとって誕生しました。

ICM has teamed up with leading backpack & clothing brand MAKAVELIC known for their high-quality and functional products to produce a rugged backpack — a crossover of fashion, street and sports, made with the ICM photographer in mind.

Fusion of Minimalist Design and Functional Beauty



In addition to the camera body, this backpack has room to house smaller lenses, gear & a laptop up to 15 inches. It’s inner compartments can be partitioned according to your changing storage needs. In addition, it has a mechanism so that the camera can be taken out of the backpack while still being worn on the body. There are a number of extra functions necessary for the photographer’s comfort, such as a belt for extra back support, side pockets for quick-access storage and a hard top surface that functions as a lens changing station on the go.

Bag-in-Bag Function for Active Shooting

left : @itchban right : @robertkirsch



Using a heavy-duty drawstring function, the backpack can be made larger or smaller to accommodate the changing load of camera gear. The inner case stored at the bottom of the pack is removable and becomes a waist bag which can store the camera, making it ideal for carrying in the field.


Water-resistant Performance Test Under Severe Conditions


Rest assured that your camera gear is safe and dry with rugged ‘CORDULA’ fabric which holds high water-resistant properties. In the case of a sudden rain on the go, you can make the waterproofing function even more effective by using the built-in rain cover.
(It is not completely waterproof specification to completely prevent water wetting of equipment.)

left : @nandinyuan right : @phryne_sense

The selling price 39,000 yen (excluding tax) 


main photo by@nandinyuan